Bissell Design Studios Inc.

Bissell Design Studios Inc. is proud of our heritage – three generations of creative thinkers.  Our founder, Rodney Bissell, comes from a long line of artists and entrepreneurs from industrial and interior design to graphic design and even the fine arts.  Integrity and loyalty are qualities that are held in high regard by each of these businesses.  Maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients is a priority.

Bissell Design Studios Inc. is committed to providing creative solutions customized for your business.  “Finding ‘Art’ in everything” is more than a tag line.  It is our way of seeing everything around us in a new and creative fashion.  

What is art?

We continually ask the question, “What can you find that doesn’t have some element of design to it?”  Everything we see has design.  Our job is to find the true potential that each design holds for our clients.  We believe art can be found in everything.  Our goal is to help you find the “art” in your company and then express that art creatively in your communication and design pieces.

Put us to the challenge. Let us help you find "art" in everything!