Bissell Design has been apart of the Community Associations Institute for close to 7 years. Being a member of Coachella Vally and proud educated business partner we also work closely with our hometown San Diego.

Being the premier provider of education, advocacy, and resources for Community Associations calls for help from its members each year within their chapters. Giving a clear idea of what is needed in the chapter does not come easily. Making sure all the members know what is planned throughout the year and how they can get involved all come together with many volunteers and office staff. This year we have already been planning for 2018 and have presented the 2018 Marketing plan for San Diego and the Coachella Vally is coming shortly after.

Bissell Design is always looking to help CAI keep cohesive branding across chapters and give them their own unique feel. This year SD chose to focus on the beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego as a reference to their location and pride in the city. Here are some images and a link to the PDF itself.

CAI CV logo.png