Our good friends at Su Refugio are doing more and more to help orphans and widows around the world. It's exciting to see the lives they are helping to change. We work hard to make it easy for them to look good now while planning for the future. 

Many companies and organizations have limited budgets for marketing (especially not-for-profits who spend the bulk of their income on helping others).  Or, they are so busy in their ministry that there isn't the time to work on a long-term marketing plan.  

A strong brand and custom template work together as a simple and effective solution for any marketing/fundraising piece. The initial design time and expense are well worth it and actually save costs in the future.


Templates are one of the best ways to make anyone's brand more constant. New projects will take less time and money. They will also remain consistent to the brand and therefore familiar to the people they are communicating with. Our plan for each of Su Refugio's ministry brochures uses the same template, changing out the bright colors and dropping in new text and images for new issues. Simple production work. 

It may take a little more time and money on the front end of a project, but the benefits -- quick turn-around-time, less expense for future issues and strong, consistent brand recognition -- are worth it.